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How to Clean Wood Floors Safely and Effectively

So many homeowners in Jamestown invest in the beauty and durability of hardwood flooring without realizing just how much work goes into maintaining a hardwood floor over the years. Whether you choose pine, maple, hickory, birch, or walnut, one thing remains the same: you need to use unique methods and products that are best for wood floor cleaning to get the most value out of your investment.

The truth is, not all wood floor cleaning methods are alike. Wood floor cleaning and polishing is a surprisingly complex topic. Using the wrong equipment can strip the varnish or sealant on your hardwood floor, leaving it less resistant to moisture and prone to damage over time.

Instead of gambling with the condition of your hardwood flooring or risking damage due to an all-natural wood floor cleaning method gone wrong, trust Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning for wood floor cleaning. We have experience in cleaning all makes and grains of hardwood floor for residential and commercial clients here in Jamestown. We bring the right equipment, tools, and products to clean your hardwood floor effectively—no stains, scrapes, discoloration, or stripped varnish, guaranteed!

The Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning Method: We Do What’s Best for Your Hardwood Floor

The thing about wood floor cleaning is that there is no RIGHT method for how to clean wood floors. Think about the difference between pine and hickory wood, for example. Pine is a ‘wet’ wood; it’s one of the softest according to the Janka scale for hardness. Hickory, on the other hand, is quite dry, and its Janka rating is five times that of pine.

The question for you now is, do you clean both wood floors the same way?

Absolutely not.

Pine is more delicate. Using an acidic or basic cleaning solution such as vinegar can strip it. Stick to very diluted soap and water. Whereas hickory has the toughness to endure more punishing treatment to deal with stains.

Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning has years of experience dealing with all grades and makes of hardwood flooring. Leave it to us to discover the best wood floor cleaning methods for your home or business.

Great Service, Amazing Rates

Does your home or business desperately need wood floor cleaning and polishing, but you worry you can’t afford it? Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning keeps our rates competitive so that anyone can feel good about taking a load off and letting us handle it instead.

Do an experiment for us—we promise, it won’t take long!

Go to your local hardware store next time you’d be headed there anyway. Then pick out a new mop, an electrostatic duster, a wood polishing machine, hardwood floor cleaning solution, and new wood polish.

That’s quite the wallet-buster, right? Maybe half of what you paid for the floor in the first place!

We bet that our rates will be half—or better—of what you would have paid to buy all the proper equipment for wood floor cleaning and polishing. That’s the Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning difference— we bring everything you need for wood floors that glisten and gleam year-round.

Call us for wood floor cleaning services in Jamestown today!