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Carpet Cleaning in Sonora

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Sonora

If you stand on your feet all day at work, you know that coming home to a carpeted floor can bring your feet and spine some much-needed relief. Carpet acts as a shock-absorbing material under your feet, unlike hardwood or concrete floors. When you walk on a concrete floor, each step can give your body a slight jolt.

Carpets are also incredible insulators, which makes them great for those cool early mornings and late nights. Carpet is also the energy-efficient choice—who knew!

One of the biggest benefits of carpet though is its safety factor. If you have children in your Sonora home, a carpet is a smart choice. Carpets can provide soft landings for children or the elderly if they fall, and they also will never be slippery like exposed surfaces are.

However, these benefits are only apparent if you provide your carpet with regularly scheduled carpet maintenance. Carpets can give your home a great sense of luxury, but like any luxurious item, a carpet requires a lot of attention and care. If your carpet is dusty, stained or sticky, your carpet becomes an eyesore and a potential health concern.

That’s why it is important to maintain your carpet. Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning provides carpet shampooing, steam cleaning, industrial-grade vacuuming and more. If you call Sonora’s most trusted carpet cleaners we can make sure that nothing gets in the way of your carpet’s best qualities.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Everyone in Sonora has heard the many criticisms of carpets. People say that carpets trap dust, that they’re bad for people with allergies, and that they can be triggering for asthmatics.

However, a carpet is only ever a problem if it is not cleaned regularly.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner like Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning:

  1. A dirty carpet can retain lots of pollutants, such as pet dander, particle pollution and everyday dust. Professional carpet cleaning services like the ones we offer at Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning can remove harmful bacteria with the use of carpet shampooing and other carpet cleaner solutions.
  2. Lots of homeowners don’t even realize their carpets have dust mite infestations, but many carpets do. Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning are skilled cleaners who can give your Sonora carpet a high-quality steam-cleaning which will eliminate any existing mites.
  3. Mold growth can be a problem for some carpets in high-humidity areas. A carpet is at risk of mold growth when it is dirty and comes in contact with moisture. A professional carpet cleaning uses high-powered drying tools to eliminate any carpet moisture. When the moisture is gone, there is no longer any opportunity for mold to develop!
Call Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning Today!

Carpet maintenance is a job for professionals. Most homeowners and businesses do not have the equipment to properly shampoo, steam, or dry their carpets. So always remember to practice due diligence and call Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning for regular carpet maintenance. We’ll make sure you are able to always get the most out of your carpet.