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Carpet Cleaning in Twain Harte

Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning in Twain Harte

There are a lot of benefits to having carpeted floors in your Twain Harte offices. A soft carpet increases physical safety in the event that someone trips or falls onto the ground. A fallen mug will not break if it lands on a carpeted floor. Carpet is also more comfortable underneath the feet of office workers who spend a lot of their time walking from cubicle to cubicle.

Working a full-time job can be hard enough on your mind and body, why make it more difficult by adding the discomfort of a hardwood floor?

Carpeted floors can also be a more ‘green’ and environmentally friendly choice. While hardwood floors can look beautiful, their maintenance is costly. Many companies rely on harsh chemicals to keep those floors clean.

That said, carpets require maintenance. If you ask anyone at Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning, they’ll tell you that vacuuming does not count as carpet cleaning. Most carpet companies agree, too. Warranties on carpets are only valid if a carpet is professionally steam cleaned once a year. If your carpet is damaged and you have never had it professionally steam cleaned, your carpet company might not be willing to honor your warranty.

Benefits of Hiring Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning for Carpet Cleaning Services

A lot of residential and commercial property owners in Twain Harte are not able to find the time to clean their carpets. But carpet cleaning is essential! If carpet cleaning falls to the wayside, there are a variety of problems that can arise. Dirty carpets are breeding grounds for dust mite infestations, mold, harmful allergens, and major dust accumulation. Any of these problems can create an unhealthy work environment. If there is major dust buildup employees can feel congested and distracted from their jobs.

Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning to clean your carpets.

  • Flexible Scheduling Options: What time do you want Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning to give your carpets a deep clean? Before 5:00 pm, or after? When you work with us, you decide! We know that carpet cleaning can disrupt an office, so if you need us to come into your office in the evening or on the weekend let us know!
  • Professional, Full-Service Carpet Cleaning: When you contract us to clean your carpets, we won’t just vacuum your floors. Our carpet care is more than just a quick once-over. Not only do we offer high-powered vacuum services, but we also offer carpet shampooing, carpet steam cleaning, and high-powered carpet drying.
  • The Eye of a Professional: If there is anything wrong with your carpet, Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning will be able to spot it. Sometimes a damp carpet or an odd smell can indicate that there is mold growing underneath the carpet. We can identify the problem and take the appropriate measures to eliminate any unwanted issues.
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Have your eyes been itchy lately? Have your employees been sneezing a lot? When was the last time you had your carpet professionally steamed? Call Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning today to schedule a full-service carpet cleaning.